An educated person

Ingredients of Educatedness Knowledge The most obvious ingredient of "educatedness" is information or knowledge.

An educated person

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Education is not about certificates and degrees—education is about how a person relates to life. As Greek philosopher, Epictetus, said, "Only the educated are free. Indoctrination tells people what to think, tells people what the "truth" is, closes minds to critical thought.

Education, on the other hand, opens the mind, encourages a search for truth and develops a mind that can engage critically with many different ideas. Education also is not simply about "intellectual" pursuits. The old Roman dictum of Mens sana in corpore sano a sound mind in a sound body is still a characteristic of a good education.

Education is about learning, not teaching.


As Galileo Galilei said, "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. Wikipedia How Are We Educated?

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This, in a way, is the nub of the question about what characteristics an educated person has. Too often we think of education as something we "get" at school and university.

It is something a teacher drills into us. Yet, as a matter of fact, much that goes on in the classrooms of our schools is nothing but indoctrination.

That education is seen as a productive, not collaborative activity. The certificate or degree at the end of the course is seen as a "product" of what the "teacher" does. Learning, though, takes place in the learner and can take place independently of any teacher.

Indeed, most learning occurs in that way. Related to the first point is that people suppose that what students learn, whether in a didactic or a discovery-based approach, is somehow the result of what the teacher, and not the learner, does. Students will learn, whatever the teacher does, but it might not be what the teacher thinks they learn.

This results in the learning of facts but not the development of knowledge or wisdom. It assumes that genuine learning can occur simply by instruction, without acts of thinking and understanding that involve discovery by the minds of students.

Is success in school essential for success in life? And where does thinking come into all of this? If you spend too much time thinking about the material but An educated person reminder - an educated person might not have a college degree or even have attended school!

They are cognizant of how their actions impact others, not just today, but in coming generations, and strive to act in ways that will enhance the lives of individuals and societies not just of today, but also of the future - and not just the next one or two or five generations, but the next hundred and thousand and ten thousand generations.

They not only seek to liberate people from death and terror and oppression, but they also go the next step, and aim to give everyone the opportunity to discover and develop their unique intellectual and physical, spiritual and moral, aesthetic and cultural potentials.

Clearly, these are characteristics that can be learned in formal education but do need to be developed in such a process.

An educated person, in other words, is one for whom being is more important than knowing or having.An educated person in some people’s eyes is someone who knows a lot, someone who has retained a large amount of information, someone who can state facts without having to look them up.

Broad knowledge can be valuable, but this is not an educated person. This is a knowledgeable person. White, well-educated women drive the small but rapid rise, with one out of every 74 having an at-home birth.

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An educated person

shunpike. Nov 26,  · How to Become Self Educated. In this Article: Showing Curiosity Improving the Basics Learning with Others Learning Beyond the Basics Using Your Self Education Community Q&A Can you educate yourself? Of course you can. It requires a willingness to learn, the self discipline to stay focused and a level of interest that exceeds the standard job mill education%().

An educated person has the skills and motivation to continue to learn after leaving the university, thus being prepared for both lifelong learning and lifelong productivity. Academic and personal integrity are the foundation of meaningful educational experiences, and academic rigor is the price of worthy achievement in education.

Educated person is not one who has a degree but is the one whose horizons are broaden and visions are clearer. The paper explains who is the educated person. Educated person is not one who has a degree but is the one whose horizons are broaden and visions are clearer.

Free Essays;. The educated person is an individual who has, either through formal or self-taught study, learned much about the world in which he or she lives, the ways that object and how they are processed in material world functions, and a great deal about human nature and sociology.

This individual is more likely than not to have developed the capacity.

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