Bleeding tissue paper

Brighten your windows with this Glittery Valentines Day craft. You might be surprised to learn what we used to create them. I had the tissue paper ready to go before I realized I was out of contact paper. So whats a girl to do…improvise.

Bleeding tissue paper

Bleeding tissue paper

By Cheryl Trowbridge Here is a sampling of self-portraits inspired by artist Paul Klee including one in progress from my last teacher workshop.

Paul Klee was a Swiss artist known for his highly individual, abstract style. His work was influenced by many different art movements, including Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism.

I changed it a little to focus more on realistic proportions, but check out both ways of doing it and see which you like best! After watching you demonstrate, have students draw a very basic self-portrait see instructions in previous post.

Encourage the use of stylized shapes, simple lines and minimal detail. I like to have Kindergarteners draw directly with their marker or crayon, but older students may choose to draw with pencil first and then trace over their drawing.

Place a piece of tissue paper on your drawing and use a paint brush to paint over it with water. Repeat with contrasting colors until the entire paper is covered with pieces of wet tissue paper and no white paper is left showing.

You may wait for tissue to dry before removing it, or simply take it off as soon as it has had a chance to bleed its color onto the paper.

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Have students compare and contrast their self-portrait with those of other famous artists. Is their self-portrait more abstract or less abstract? You may also likeYou make Bleeding Tissue Paper Inspirational Art.

Bleeding tissue paper

It's another snow day here in Va. Beach and I'm loving it! Last week we got over 14 inches of snow which means the entire city shuts down for days. It's been a week and we still have snow all over the place. First off, please don’t panic. I didn’t paint a picture of bleeding birds.

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I used what is called “bleeding tissue paper” to create a piece of wall art with birds sitting on some branches. The color in the tissue paper bleeds when you get it wet, which as it turns out, looks like watercolor paint.

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Then layer on the tissue paper on top of the water. This was a fun way to work those fine motor skills as picking up the little bits of tissue paper and getting them to stick where they wanted proved tricky.

Jul 01,  · The faces were colored by using bleeding tissue paper scraps and water. To do this, first, wet the drawing with a brush. Next, arrange scraps of tissue paper on the page. Bleeding tissue paper is tissue paper that does not have a dye fixative. When it gets wet, the colours 'bleed' as the dye is released.

It's great for crafts where you want the colour to transfer.

The smARTteacher Resource: Bleeding Tissue Animals