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Sumer, Babylon, and Hittites The twelfth to the ninth centuries BC in Mesopotamia are considered a dark age because very little is known about that time period. From the thirteenth century BC to the middle of the sixth century is called the iron age with increasing use of that new technology. A powerful Elamite kingdom led by Shutruk-nahhunte and his son Kutir-nahhunte conquered several hundred settlements and captured Babylon, ending the Kassite dynasty and taking away the statue of Marduk in BC. Kutir-nahhunte died about BC and was succeeded as king of Elam by his brother Shilkhak-Inshushinak, who used Babylonian tribute to build up their capital of Susa.

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The study disclosed that vendors have minimal training in food safety including storage and handling. A notable conclusion from the study was that there was a wide discrepancy between evaluation of standards by professional observers and the self-reported assessment by vendors.

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Some of the discrepancies noted by the Pennsylvania State researchers included: Failure to maintain raw and temperature-sensitive foods under refrigeration Failure to implement food safety including the use of gloves when handling food Concurrent handling of money and unpackaged foods Allowing contact between ready-to-eat foods and high-risk foods including meat and seafood.

German "Bauermarkt Display" The principal researcher noted that indirect and surreptitious observation disclosed deviations from acceptable practice since the traditional clipboard approach generally provides a distorted assessment of practices as store holders are alerted to the need for compliance.

The study involved assays for bacterial pathogens. Of greater significance was the presence of Listeria on 8 percent of beef sampled, 2 percent on kale, 4 percent on lettuce and 7 percent on spinach.

There were no studies correlating observations made by the researchers in Pennsylvania into possible outbreaks of foodborne infection. The research team included Dr.

They all emphasized the need for training with emphasis on food safety.

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The rapid expansion of farmers markets in the U. The situation in the U. Vendors use custom trailers with refrigeration and display cases. The standard of hygiene matches that of supermarkets.

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Even the stalls selling vegetables and non-perishable foods conform to acceptable standards of presentation and hygiene. USDA funding was extended to farmers markets during the tenure of Tom Vilsack the former Secretary of Agriculture, but there was a disproportionate concern for public health.

The situation nationwide should be rectified with involvement of the extension departments of Land-Grant colleges.Goku Black (ゴクウブラック Gokū Burakku, lit.

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