Intro to anthropology midterm study guide essay

The time limit for the exam will be two hours so please arrive at the Testing Center at least two hours before it closes.

Intro to anthropology midterm study guide essay

What was the message of this essay? Her message is that humans are causing the problems in our environment. Further, because we are responsible, we should do something to improve things.

No he does not. He argues that conscience is insufficient because while people may want to try to protect a commons, they will continue to act for their own benefit out of fear of being a chump. Therefore people will continue to breed even as they know that too many people will lead to mutual starvation.

Society has a public interest in over-breeding because our welfare state takes care of the children of those who breed more than they can care for. Thus by caring for these children, we promote the overpopulation tragedy. The people themselves 6.

Briefly explain the nature of The Tragedy of the Commons. What does the phrase mean? Humans pursuing and maximizing individual self interest will use a commons to the point that all will collectively be harmed. Please name one of those methods.

Strike then, Drug them or Change the results on the record. Bentham argued that because stones do not have this ability there is no justification for granting them such consideration. Singer argued that because animals do have this ability they should not be eaten.

What was this unique ability that applies to both humans and animals? They will become weak and be conquered by nations that have not lost their connection to wildness The interests of humans and nature will converge.

Why is the notion of community so important to his land ethic? It is within communities that ethics develop and are enforced. A human centered view of the world. Humans are given special value above other creatures and the land. How do these groups diver in their view of land?

This refers to Anthropocentric and Biocentric views of the land. Anthropocentrists see humans and human needs as the central driver of policy. Biocentrists view the world more broadly and consider ecosystem and wildlife needs as of equal importance to human needs.

Things are valued intrinsically by their very existence. While we may never visit or gain any benefit from the Grand Canyon in the USA, most of us place a value on its continued existence. Similarly we might argue in favor of environmental protection not because we find a clean environment useful but simply because it is in some way better to us.

In a positive sense it means that a system can be disturbed and it will adapt and change so that it can survive; perhaps under some new set of conditions. In a negative sense this can mean that systems will pathologically return to their pre-disturbance condition over time and are unable to change to meet new needs or circumstances.

What is the expected role of Science in Adaptive management? Science is supposed to be used to develop and conduct experiments so that manages can learn from the experience. A one word answer is sufficient.

Which management model do they argue has been used in the Everglades? Recall that adaptive management is intended to be a process of learning through experimentation.

Why were the authors critical of the management of the Everglades? The authors argue that managers have done a lot of planning in the everglades but have conducted no real experiments.

Intro to anthropology midterm study guide essay

Thus managers are scientifically managing the Everglades based on past theories and not learning from current evidence Additional information from which questions might be drawn:Intro to anthropology midterm study guide commute, a short stories collection for your school essay or a handbook for your next project.

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Midterm Study Guide. The midterm is on Monday, Oct. 26 in your regular classroom at your regular class time.

You will have the entire class period to take the exam. Please bring a blank bluebook in which you will write your 3 essays. Anthropology – The comparative study of human sciences and cultures.

Holistic/Holism – In Anthropology an approach that considers culture, history, language, and biology essential to a complete understanding of human society.

Study Guide for Soc mid term Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. The study or theory of knowledge, including its production, validation, and application.

The theory of knowledge. The study of knowledge and justified belief. It questions what knowledge is and how it can be acquired, and the extent to which knowledge pertinent to any given subject or entity can be acquired.

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