Sami direct business plan ppt templates

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Sami direct business plan ppt templates

Variable Costing Would you ever make a decision in your business without thinking about the costs? Analyzing the costs related to any decision is at the heart of the management process. However, costs have different characteristics of importance. Make sure you are considering the right costs for your decisions.

Costs and Making Decisions With today's sophisticated technology and advanced accounting software for small businesses, data is readily available on just about every aspect of a company's activities. But, do you really need all of this information when making decisions?

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The only data you need when making managerial decisions are the figures for relevant costs. But, what are the relevant costs?

Identifying Relevant Costs The first step is to determine which costs are relevant to the decision and which are not. Costs fall into the following categories: Any future cash expense that is different for each alternative and will be incurred as a result of the decision is a relevant cost.

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Any cash inflows that will be forfeited as a result of the decision are relevant costs. Money that has already been spent is not a factor in the decision.

sami direct business plan ppt templates

A future cost that is the same for all alternatives will not have an effect on the decision and should not be considered. A future expense that is already obligated is not a consideration.

It will be spent regardless of the decision. Any expense, such as depreciation, that does not affect the cash flow of the business is not relevant Example of Classifying Costs An example will help clarify these definitions.

The Flying Pigs Roller Skate Company has been asked by a big-box retailer to make a special model of skates for their stores. Flying Pigs hopes to win this order for 3, units by quoting a price 10 percent above its relevant costs. The following costs are related to this project: These costs are not relevant to the decision: This wage is a committed cost, and the employee would be paid regardless of whether the new order is received or not.

This is a noncash expense and not relevant. The manufacturing overhead expenses are not incurred as a result of the order and are irrelevant. So, the relevant costs are:Jun 27,  · Direct labor: The order would incur $45, in direct labor costs. Factory supervisor: The supervisor would be paid $5, during the production time of the order.

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Business Readiness is a loose term which can mean the Business’s ability to take on what a project delivers. So Business Readiness is a measure of preparation.

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A Business that is Ready will have made all the preparations necessary to accept the deliverables of a project, and begin operating them. Watch XXX CASEIRO - free porn video on MecVideos.

To illustrate the difference between a project and an direct marketing resume samples activity consider a company that wants to make dell direct marketing case study DVD player.

The effort to design the DVD player and set up the manufacturing facilities examples of direct marketing activities make the player is part of one or more projects.