Stsadm import overwrite a file

File Locate Backup File In this dialog box, you can select a local file from the tree or specify a remote file using its fully qualified universal naming convention UNC name. Device Select Backup Device In this dialog box, you can select from a list of the logical backup devices defined on the server instance.

Stsadm import overwrite a file

After my upgrade the site directory is a bit messed up the upgrade seemed to have merged columns. One of those was configure the site directory the way I want it, export the Sites list and then import back after my upgrade completes.

However, the content deployment API does allow you to import and export any object type right down to an individual list item. So the solution was rather simple — I just created two new commands which function almost identically to the existing import and export commands except that they work with lists export takes in an URL representing a view of the list and import takes in a target web to import the list in to.

I also created a copy command which wraps up the import and export so that both can be done in one step passing "-deletesource" to the copylist command will make it function like a move command. These classes use several validator classes that help with more complex validations.

The code to work with the content deployment API is pretty straightforward. The commands I created are detailed below. The only thing of note is that the default value for the versions flag is 4 or All versions for files and list items in mine whereas the default for the export operation is 1 or Last major version for files and list items.


I went back and forth on whether I should keep it the same but decided in the end that for my purposes when I want to copy a list I usually want to retain everything so I chose that as the default.

I also considered whether I wanted the caller to pass in the list name or GUID or something else and in the end I decided that the easiest thing would be to use the URL to a view.

The syntax of the command can be seen below: This same output can then be used by the gl-importlist command to copy the list to another site collection note that the target could be on any web app in any farm.

One additional parameter of note is the "-retargetlinks" parameter.

stsadm import overwrite a file

If this parameter is specified then you must also specify the "-sourceurl" parameter which corresponds to a view of the source list.

The "retargetlinks" parameter tells the code to find any links that point to items in the source list and make them point to the target list. This becomes helpful in a move operation. Note that the source cannot exist in the content database or you will get an error using this switch.

Once I had the code for the import and export the copy was nothing more than a wrapper which would call into the appropriate methods. By adding an extra parameter to support deleting the source list I now also had a move command.

Maybe someone will find a use for it perhaps in creating a feature definition file or something. The content above has been updated to reflect this change where appropriate. Note that for this to work for the gl-importlist command the sourceurl and includeusersecurity parameters must be utility export and import operations are used to backup and restore site collections and sites.

These operations are limited to site collections and sites only. Values ranges from 1 to 3 1 Default value, will add new version to the current file.

2 Overwrite the file and all of its versions. 3 Ignore the file if it exists of the. Feb 14,  · This entry was posted on February 14, at am and is filed under MS Office SharePoint Server, WSS e MOSS You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS feed.

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If you set upgrade option to Import or Rebuild, the full-text indexes will be unavailable during the upgrade. Depending on the amount of data being indexed, importing can take several hour; rebuilding will take up to ten times longer.

Overwrite the. Jun 28,  · Backup/Restore. Export/Import. 1. Two methods – when the url parameter is used a site collection backup is created - when the backupmethod parameter is used backup of an individual database, web application or entire farm can be created. 2. Backs up entire Site collection including permissions.

Export sites and/or subsite data. Suppresses the generation of an import log file. If this parameter is absent, the Import-SPWeb cmdlet will generate an export log file in the same location as the export package.

The log file uses Unified Logging Service (ULS). -Add new versions to the current file-Overwrite the . Import, Export, Copy, and Delete List Items Using 1. gl-exportlistitem This command works almost identically to the gl-exportlist command that I created earlier.

SharePiont Administration: Import, Export, Copy, and Delete List Items Using