The role of courtesans in northern song china essay

Toggle Navigation Stayer Chapter 8: China and the World Chinese history has often been viewed in the West as impressive perhaps, but largely static or changeless and self-contained or isolated.

The role of courtesans in northern song china essay

Artists paid close attention to the richly colorful society, and were especially interested in displaying the idle and carefree life of aristocratic women.

This was largely because of the female emperor, Wu Zetian. In the book The Course of Sexes: The following opinions are all from his book. Wang defines the Tang Dynasty as an aristocratic society and the Song Dynasty as a civil society. And after they get out of jail, they will be forced to divorce, as qie will always be considered a lower class of human being.

When the low class is always the low class, naturally, the nobility will always be the nobility. This discriminative law also ruled that slaves and maidservants could only marry slaves and maidservants, and their children were also destined to be slaves.

Such laws were abolished during the Song Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, officials were allowed to openly indulge in dallying with courtesans and the fate of both state-owned prostitutes and prostitutes for the army was extremely unfortunate.

According to the law, in certain circumstances, army commanding officers could kill army prostitutes and not be punished, something that would not happen in the Song Dynasty.

He wrote a lot of poems based on these nights. If he had done that during the Song Dynasty today, he would have been punished.

The courtesans played instruments, read poems and held lotus-shaped candles to guide the carriages and horses to fetch the bride. Although people today remember the Tang Dynasty for its prosperity and strength, and criticize the weakness of the Song Dynasty, Wang states that the latter dynasty was better in every way, from the lands it ruled to the status of its social members.

And the most basic one is gender equality, in which the Song Dynasty was clearly superior to the Tang Dynasty," Wang writes. He goes on to describe the respect accorded to mothers during the Song Dynasty, beginning with the royal family.

According to him, the Song Dynasty had the most empress dowagers who attended to state affairs. In most dynasties of ancient China, the imperial harem was not allowed to interfere with state affairs.

It was an accolade not even accorded to the famous female Emperor Wu Zetian. In short, it had become a tradition during the Song Dynasty to have empress dowagers involved in state affairs.

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Because of these women leaders, society sympathized with women, understood them and recognized them as independent individuals. Historical records also contain accounts of a domestic violence case in which a man beat his wife to death. When the incident was brought to the attention of the empress dowager, she said angrily, "Husband and wife are one body.

What could possible make him beat his wife to death? Many officials during the Song Dynasty wrote similar tributes grieving for their mothers. Despite the overall feudal environment, many Chinese women in history still lived good lives and managed to shine in the society of their time.

It is in part thanks to their efforts that Chinese women today have been accorded the opportunity to achieve great accomplishments in so many aspects today, from the arts to the business world to space exploration.

It was intact with treasures such as bronze and jade pieces. Inside the pit was evidence of a wooden chamber 5 meters long, 3. Usually in a civilian family, a man could only have one wife and the other women they married could only be Qie, who could never be compared to the wife in every aspect of life.

The wife would be in charge around the house and she had the right to sell Qie to others. Her children were also considered to be inferior to the children of the wife. In ancient China, courtesans were not necessarily involved with the sex trade. Many of them provided company to their guests and entertained them with their skills in instrument playing, dance, I-go, calligraphy, literature, and painting.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. when south China was controlled by the Song. How were slaves generally acquired by the Manchus through?

The role of courtesans in northern song china essay

in bringing northern and western Japan under his control. In he attacked the great fortress at Takamatsu. The Role of Courtesans in Northern Song China Essay Sample. When talking about Song history, most scholars were focusing on political, economic and cultural aspects that the role of courtesans in Song social life has seldom shed a light.

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early fourteenth-century Hangzhou and played a foundational role in the print writers in their continuingquest for legitimacyof the ci genre during the Northern and Southern Song periods military and civil administrators, clerks, commoners, and courtesans within the ambit of a shared song culture At the same time, rather than viewing.

Essays/Short answer study guide by trevor_tateyama3 includes questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. and Song dynasty China experienced an economic revolution that made it the richest empire on earth.

entertainers, courtesans, and prostitutes. established states that encompassed parts of northern China and the steppes in the north, picked up pieces when a state broke down, Khitan from , Jurchen from , needed Song dynasty for gifts via silk roads.

Dec 29,  · The Role of Courtesans in Northern Song China Essay The role of courtesans in Northern Song China When talking about Song history, most scholars were focusing on political, economic and cultural aspects that the role of courtesans in Song social life has seldom shed a light.

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